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How To Make Damson Gin


This page describes easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to make Damson Gin. It is not difficult so why not have a go - the results are very rewarding!

Making Damson Gin is simple! Basically all you need to do is put the damsons, sugar and Gin into a demijohn and wait for a few months for the flavour of the damsons to come out.

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You may prefer to watch my step by step video first but please come back here and read the following step by step notes for more details on quantities, tips and methods.


Step 1:

The Recipe

  • 1 lb Damsons
  • 1 lb Sugar
  • 1 Litre Bottle of Gin

Step 2:

Sterilise a Demijohnghy using a Campden Tabletfgh.


campden tablets


Step 3:

Weigh out the Damsons




Step 4:

Wash the Damsons.



Step 5:

Prick each Damson with a fork and place in the Demijohnghy.

The holes in the skin will allow the damson flavour to seep out.


put in demijohn


Step 6:

Weigh out the sugar and spoon into the Demijohnghy using a funnel.

weigh sugar

spoon into demijohn

Step 7:

Pour the gin into the Demijohnghy.


add gin

Step 8:


Shake and agitiate the Demijohnghy until all the sugar has disolved.




Step 9:

Insert a Solid Rubber Bung into the top of Demijohnghy.

Cover with a cloth and leave in a cool place for 3 months.

Shake the Demijohnghy daily.

The dark red colour will develop as the flavour is drawn from the damsons.




cover and store

Step 10:


Sterilise a second Demijohnghy using a Campden Tablet as previously.




Step 11:

Use the sterilising solution from the Demijohnghy to sterilise a Brewing Bucketjkl and some Muslin Cloth) .



sterilise brewing bucket


Step 12:

Pour the Damson Gin through a sieve into the Brewing Bucket.

The sieve will collect all the Damsons.

Save the Damsons by freezing them. They make a delicious syrup or pie.


Step 13:

Pour through the Muslin Cloth and a funnel into the second Demijohnghy.

The Muslin Cloth filters out any solid particles that are in the gin.

pout through muslin


Step 14:

Wash out the Gin bottle.

wash bottle

Step 15:

Pour the Damson Gin through the muslin and a funnel into the Gin Bottle.

pour into bottle

Step 16:

Drink and Enjoy!


Step by Step Video


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