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Wine Glossary

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A common term for the syphoning of wine from one container to another, leaving behind any sediment in the first container. Carefully done, the lees may be left behind in the first barrel, resulting in a partial clarification of the wine.

An Italian wine made from grapes that have been dried on straw mats after harvest. This grapes turn into very sweet raisins.

A wine that has started to ferment for a second time. Usually caused by the addition of sugar to sweeten the wine or a sudden warm spell. Using potassium sorbate and a campden tablet will terminate any yeast activity.

A large Burgundy or Champagne bottle that is equivalent to six standard wine bottles. In Bordeaux this size is known as a Jeroboam - but in Burgundy and Champagne a Jeroboam contains only four bottles.

Part of the process in the production of Champagne. Remuage or riddling involves gradual turning and inversion of the bottle, bring the lees into the neck prior to their removal or degorgement.

In Spain, red wines designated as reserva have received a minimum of three years ageing prior to release, of which at least one must be in oak. Related terms include Gran Reserva and Crianza.

Refers to any substance (especially sugar) that remains after the fermentation.

Residual sugar
The amount of sugar remaining in the wine after fermentation. Residual sugar may be the result of high must weight, or the termination of fermentation before all the sugar has been converted into alcohol with the addition of sulphur or spirit.

See Rémuage.

Italian word for ‘reserve’ indicating that a wine has aged longer than a non reserve version of the same type of wine.

A wine that is pale pink to light red in colour


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